Ok, this kind of summer holiday is not for everybody and probably not everybody will understand me. Ideal summer relax is with a hot sun, cool sunglasses, sexy swimwear and in some water, a lot of water. I knew that my awesome summer will be little different and that have a winter jacket will be the best idea! 🙂

Place of my holiday - Mayrhofen

My first day of my summer holiday and I knew that I will see my summer clothing just in the cupboard:

It´s great if you know some person in the country and especially in the city. These are my Tirolean hosts:

Ok, one better photo:

First Alpine trip – waterfall, waterfall, waterfall everywhere?!

„It is the most beuatiful place what I saw in my life,“ said me my Slovak-Tirolean girls. Alpine lake Speicher Stillup, or my name: country of falling water. Maybe the lake wasn´t so clean/blue as some other time but I really didn't mind it. This place is really unforgetablle.

Second Alipne trip: „Welcome to Italy." What?

But I needed to climb! It was my goal of this trip and the main reason why I was there. So the object of my other Alpine trip was Hoher Riffler – 3 231 meters high Tirolean mountain. I went alone because it is not somehow ideal trip for normal girls. (Yes, I know, not all of girls are normal.) I went by bus from Mayrhofen station to other Alpine lake – Schlegeisspeicher. (I think that water reservoir is more correct word.)

Simply... amazing! Clean Alpine water:

I continued up... higher and higher but the weather was worse and worse! It started to rain.

It is not good idea be in 3 231 meters high with such weather. Especially if I was alone. So I could go back to Schlegeisspeicher...

The weather was really cold! My winter jacket didn´t can keep warm. Nature was stronger. The best summer holiday!

So, what next? I saw several people how they go to one direction. Why not, I went with them. Where? - I really didn´t know. The way was quite nice, with some smaller river and again with some waterfalls.

I felt how some explorer. „Where I´m going???“

After maybe one hour – My mobile phone rang because of new message. „Welcome to Italy.“


It was surprise for me but I really came across the Alps to Italy! 😀

One mountain cottage/mountain restaurant is on the border. I tasted one Italian beer and went back to Austria. I must say that the Italian beer was better as the Tirolean beer – Zillertal. 

Zillertal is also name of the valley/region where is Mayrhofen.

The visibility was really minimal and it is reason why I don´t have some other good photos. I couldn´t see my shoes! I had to be careful because Alpine cows are everywhere in this region - also on the rocks. I didn´t want to crash with them.

My Tirolean girls called me: „Where are you? Are you ok?“

„Of course, I´m on summer holiday in Italy!“

THE BEST DAY - reason why I came here

Next day. Finally some sun and summer weather. I had also one colleague for my other local trip. She is not tourist. She wasn't on high mountains before. She will remember this trip long time... (And me to.)

"Mountaineer" Anna

Today is our object Ahornispitze, 2973 meters high and very known mountain in this region. At first we rode the cable car Ahornbahn from Mayrhofen. I really don't like tourists who ride by a cable car. In my opinion, if you are real tourist, you must go from down to up without such technical help 😀 but this was still just start of our mission.

Our trip is starting...

Zillertal valley

After one hour we needed some pause and the cottage Edelhütte is perfect place for it. It is last building on this way to up. I bought one Almdudler – really great Alpine soda (in my opinion, better than regional beer).

The pause couldn't be long because we were still very far from the top point of Ahornspitze and I din't want to go back to Mayrhofen in night.

So we went up...

and up...

and after next hour...

still up...

so close and sill so far.

Yes, it wasn't easy but the view, the nature, tha mountains were our fuel and our energy.

It was great!

Photo for our moms

Little relax:

...and we could continue:

After several hours:

You can be angry or desperate but if you are on top of the mountain – you are the most happiest person in the world! The fatigue is gone. You are like really new man!

And please guys, one big respect for this girl - Anička Randová:

„Dem König der Berge“ - The king of the mountains

The best moment from my summer holiday:

We were so happy and also so tired that I slept during the photoshoot:

Really broken we went back to Mayrhofen. Unforgettable day! I was so tired that I had a problem go up the stairs to my room.

Unfortunately, it was my last evening in the most beautiful place in the world what I saw! I had to go to Slovakia because of one sad event in my family. (R.I.P. my incredible grandma.)

The Alps are really unbelievable place that everyone should see. Everyone! If I can choose place where I want to live, and maybe I will 😀 , so right there - between those magnificent mountains, beautiful waterfalls and those greenest pastures!

I promise that you will see more (photo)blogs and also videos from this beautiful European mountain range!

Notice 1: Really thank you my Tirolean-Slovak girls – Lucia Lieskovská and especially Radka Randová that I saw this incredibly beautiful and dream places that are even more gorgeous than in my dreams.

Also thanks for nice hotel Christlwirt in Hippach where these girls work.

Notice 2: I really love Almdudler and Kässespatzle!  (traditional soda and food of this region)

€ Zillertal prices €

one beer 0,5 l – from 3,8 € to 5 €

local food Kässespatzle – from 10 € to 16 €

František Fefe Kekely